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Dear Surfrider and Clean Water Classic Supporter:

Over the last seventeen years, the Clean Water Classic has raised thousands of dollars to support Pacific Northwest Chapters of the Surfrider Foundation. During that time smiles have been shared and waves crushed, with plenty of legendary stories to share with the younger generation of up and comers. The time has come to pass the baton and the stoke that the Clean Water Classic has provided for all seventeen years as Surfrider will no longer host the event.

While the Clean Water Classic hits the enjoyment part of our mission, it has been lacking for several years in terms of producing and promoting our mission as the major take away. The CWC has become a surf contest mostly in the traditional sense and not a mission-focused activity as in the past or originally intended. Additionally, over the past few years the CWC has relied more and more on PNW staff, pulling our focus away from our mission-driven programs and campaigns.

We’ve had a great run and cannot thank enough the countless volunteers and the hours they’ve put in, Washington State Parks, our sponsors, the judges, and of course the Westport community for being such a gracious host for the event for as long as some of our current contestants have been alive. We hope another organization or business launches a contest in the community to put a new spin on what has been built. After hosting the event for seventeen years Surfrider has a solid base of information that we would be happy to share with an interested party so a new show can go on with a fresh spin.

Again, thank you to everyone who has volunteered, participated, or been a part of this contest over the years. Please contact us with any questions or for any information we can provide about a surf contest in Westport.

The PNW Staff of the Surfrider Foundation

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Photos from the 2014 CWC by Matthew Marino